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Membrane Solutions
Membrane Solutions is a rising, creative and world-wide supplier who specializes in a variety of products and solutions in the process of filtration, separation, purification, water & wastewater treatment. Nowadays, our business covers more than 109 countries and regions all over the world, we offer trustworthy products, considerate service as well as consistent innovation in technique.

The Agar Company

B&V is a global leading supplier of hydrocolloids and additives for a wide range of industries all over the world. We supply the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies and many other technical applications as well.

Wizbiosolutions, now a global leader of Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics with its own innovation and technology, started as a one person company with decades of know-how of R&D in molecular biology.

Dear Valued Customer,

On behalf of myself and the entire team at Electron Microscopy Sciences, let me say that it is our honor and privilege to provide you with this website – the most comprehensive source of products for all fields of microscopy and general laboratory research available. As we come upon our 45th year in the industry, we truly believe the effort we put into our website, in addition to our other endeavors (catalog, bulletins, emails, post cards) proves to be a valuable resource for you, our customer, who deserves the very best.

TAAB Laboratories
TAAB Laboratories Equipment Ltd was founded in the 1960’s to provide a specialist service for TEM users, supplying fixatives, stains, embedding media, knifemakers, grids, tweezers and solvents. This range has now expanded to include consumables and instruments for most aspects of microscopy for the Life Science and Materials markets.

we manufacture and supply products for animal cell culture (including: cell culture media, FBS (Fetal bovine serum), buffer solutions, antimicrobials, and other reagents) and for plant research and micropropagation .

Adwa Hungary Kft.
 All of our instruments are supplied complete with the necessary electrodes, probes, calibration solutions and are ready for use. Some units combine two or more parameters.

NEOGEN provides the most comprehensive range of solutions and services for the food processing, animal protein and agriculture industries, not only protecting the world’s food supply, but also allowing our customers to produce more efficiently and effectively than they could before.

As the delivery channel of Avantor®, a Fortune 500 company, VWR provides access to mission-critical product and service solutions across life sciences and other regulated industries, including: Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government, healthcare and advanced technologies.

Condalab is also recognized for offering key ingredients such as agars, peptones and agaroses, among other products.

Chem-Lab nv: Laboratory reagents
Chem-Lab has been specialized in the production of tailor made reagents. We manufacture custom made solvent mixtures, acid mixtures, buffer solutions, organic and inorganic standards.

Loba Chemie
Loba Chemie offer a wide variety of Agarose with varying properties including: high EEO, low EEO, medium EEO, low gelling temperature and high gelling temperature.


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